Tablet PC Operating Systems
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Various Types Of Tablet PC Operating Systems

Apple iOS Operating System

The Apple iPad operates on the very same operating system as the iPhone iOS. It offers a simple to operate and intuitive user interface. One initial complaint of Apple iOS was that it did not incorporate multitasking, that is, the ability to run several applications concurrently. However, this has been rectified. Apple iOS also provides direct access to the Apple App Store which is the largest app store available in the field of tablet pcs today.

Pros of Apple iOS• It's simple to use, especially if you have previously used an Apple iPhone or iPod Touch before.
• You can access to hundreds of thousands of applications.
• It was developed to operate flawlessly with the hardware.
• Everything feels and looks excellent on the Apple iOS system, the company provides a great attention to detail.

Cons Of Apple iOS• Apple iOS does not support Adobe Flash videos and games.
• There is presently only one tablet pc making use of this operating system, that is, the Apple iPad.
• Apple regulates the entire apps which go into its app store.
• Apple controls all the hardware, which means there is significantly less choice without any real budget friendly option available.

Google Android Operating System

Android is certainly growing rapidly in popularity and acceptance. This operating system from Google was initially used in a handful of smartphones, and quite a number of users are already familiar with the way it performs and functions. Since it is open-source, the operating system can be customized as well as modified or tweaked by manufacturers. What this means is that you will see quite a substantial number of manufacturers using Google Android, as opposed to only one using Apple iOS.


Pros of Android• There is considerably more choices when it comes to available tablet pc types and models, which means consumers are able to decide on budget or high end tablet pcs.
• The app store is growing rapidly and it provides a wide selection of downloadable apps.
• Integrates effortlessly together with Google accounts.
• The Android OS is an open platform and a substantial number of developers are choosing to work with it. Some manufacturers have tweaked it exceptionally well.
• Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) is already optimized specifically for tablet pcs.

Cons of Android• The app store is still not as huge as Apple's.
• Older versions of Android, which some tablet pcs are still using it, were initially developed for smartphones, not tablet pcs, though Android 3.0 is now specifically optimized for tablet pcs.
• Some lower priced Android tablet pcs tend to be poorly designed.
• It just isn't as intuitive as Apple iOS.
• Tablet pcs run different versions of Google Android and certain apps might not be available for the version your tablet pc uses.

Other Rival Operating System - RIM Blackberry Tablet OS, HP webOS And Microsoft Windows

BlackBerry Operating SystemThe BlackBerry PlayBook utilizes Blackberry's own operating system, the RIM Blackberry Tablet OS. It is not as prevalent as the other operating systems and several users have grouse that it is lacking in the range of apps they are searching for. On the other hand, it does support Adobe Flash, unlike Apple's iOS, and it does this really well. If you are accustomed to the Blackberry smartphone user interface then this could possibly be the suitable OS for you. However, keep in mind that there have been various changes in the most current tablet pcs offering. Make sure you check it out first.

HP webOS Operating SystemwebOS is being offered by Palm/HP, and is featured in a range of tablet pcs including HP's TouchPad. One good thing about this particular operating system is that social networking features are built in, you don't have to download additional apps. You can easily check all your various accounts, such as, LinkedIn, Facebook, Microsoft Exchange as well as Google Information, all in one location. It helps make multitasking faster and easier. However, just as the other OS, the main issue is really a lack of apps. This may change as more people opt for webOS based tablet pcs.

Microsoft Windows Operating System

Do not forget Windows, who have also managed to get it into the world of tablet pcs. Several tablet pcs have recently been released using Windows 7, which can be great for users who wish to purchase something that they're already using and familiar with. You are certainly aware of the number of software that is already running on Windows. The downsides? Windows tablet pcs generally are more expensive and most of the software was traditionally developed for standard computers using a keyboard and mouse, and it simply just won't feel as smooth and appealing as the Apple iPad's iOS.